Welcome to Photography by Sonal Garga a website to describe and depict's' my Photography Style

I Love What I Do

I love to capture beautiful memories that I will cherish for life as family, people friends may come and go but I can keep cherishing the memories till the last day of my life. If I can help you in creating those memories then I have done my work as a photographer.


Who Am I

“My name is Sonal Garga, and I enjoy meeting new people and finding ways to engage with them, make them my friends for life. I am full of fun, fun loving, experimenting with fun, connecting with people all around me. I love my family and the value of raising my children. My husband is my best friend, my guide, gives me more importance than himself. What can I ask more being loved by my family, friends, everyone around me.”


My Work - Please Click to see Higher Resolution

These are some of the pictures that I have accumulated over a period of time

Create beautiful moments

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